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Hello everyone, hope you’ve started in on your Christmas shopping and decorating by now.

As you should be aware we have completed our first audio book from our series “Doorways and Dimensions” entitled “Breathe” – You can go here  http://youtu.be/sDNS1KruWqw  and listen to the episode for free if you have not done so already.  As an introduction we will keep it up there for free to promote and spread the word of our new series for a short time, so please help us by letting others know about this.

We are gearing up to start casting for episode #2 “Happy New Year’s again” and

Will be posting available parts for the program.

We’ve received a number of positive comments about the episode from industry people like Mike McDonough and Sid Lieberman, it even got a favorite selection by John Daily, wish he would have retweeted so that over 16000 people would have seen it, but marking as a favorite is still good.

Speaking of Twitter, you can follow us on Twitter the address is @space_rangers07 and when on Twitter to find our postings search for #isrtv.

If you have Twitter, please tweet this – #Free #sciencefiction #Audiobook http://youtu.be/sDNS1KruWqw#freebie#mustread #adventure #syfy #scifi #thriller #alien

As we head into this new year we will continue making new episodes of “Doorways and Dimensions” and will be adding a second audio series that will be a comedic variety show along the lines of SNL, In living color, Cracked etc… and will be looking for submissions for that.  Details will be posted in our audio series section.

Along with opening up opportunities for writers this also will provide more opportunities for voice over talents to plug into.

Soon you are going to see previews of the RPG we’ve been working on based off of our Television series “Intergalactic Space Rangers”  This RPG will follow the show with new add ons being released at the end of each season updating the players with whatever characters, ships, weapons etc… that have been introduced that season.

Also coming up soon you’ll be able to come to our site to see a comic strip based off of ISR, so be watching for that, some really exciting stuff!

Our goal is to begin filming the pilot for ISR by this next fall and will be working hard to make that happen.

Just want to throw a shout out to everyone on our staff who have worked so hard to get us this far, a big THANK YOU and looking forward to continue working with you this next year.  We’re accumulating some amazing talent and I couldn’t be more pleased with everyone on board.

For those of you who have listened to our audio book I’m sure you’d like to who’s responsible for making this episode such a success and will be adding those credits onto the You Tube video as well as posting that information in our audio section of the site.

One last thing before we go, IMDB for all our projects is on the way and we will be crediting everyone involved for all their hard work 🙂

Thank you for subscribing to our site and receiving these updates.  We’re always looking to expand our staff in all areas, so contact us if this is something you want to help make happen.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and so on and be sure to have yourself a Happy New Year!  Let’s make it a great one 🙂



Kirk Johson

Executive Producer

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