NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT – Those of you who have signed up for access to our work zone need to get your NDA’s mailed in. Each member has two weeks to get them in before their access to the Work Zone is removed.

COMPOSERS – If you’ve signed on to be one of our composers there is a section in the Work Zone specific to you, so you need t to make sure you are going there for updates and interacting with Pontus and Jan the heads of the music department. There is a section with a listing of pieces needing work for our library.

PARTICIPATION – If you’ve been given access to our Work Zone, but are not participating in it your access will be revoked. There are a number of you who have signed on and have not even had one posting yet. If you’re lost or unsure what you’re supposed to be doing get in touch so we can steer you in the right direction.

WRITERS – We are looking for short stories for our upcoming audio series. The genre is strange/bizarre & spooky science fiction stories.

NEW LOOK – Coming up soon our website will be getting a makeover, so you can be watching for that. Coming updates will be a Chat-room, ISR video game you can play on the site, Audio programs, Comic pages, contests and more!

ARTWORK – We are looking for illustrators for our upcoming weekly comic page series that will be leading up to our first graphic novel, so if that’s you or you know someone who might be interested then get in touch.

CONFERENCE CALL REMINDER – Sunday and Monday nights are our conference call meetings. This is a free call for most locations around the globe, so don’t be shy. If you’re a writer or looking to become involved with writing it’s important you attend one of these meetings. Musicians there is a Monday morning conference call set up just for you guys, so please attend. If you need more information about these calls get in touch.

I cannot stress enough that if you’d like to be involved, but are unsure what your next step is please get in touch so we can include you in this amazing and epic journey, we’ve an amazing group of talent forming here and you really don’t want to miss out.

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