Hi Everybody! Exciting times ahead as we blast off into the future of yesteryear!

We’ve got a lot on our plate and we hope you’ll come share our meal 🙂

First off we’ve added two new times to join in on our conference calls. Days and times are as follows. Sundays at 8pm CST and Mondays at 10am and 8pm CST.

Coming up we’re going to be launching some contests like submitting your design for an alien and if we use it in the show you’ll be included in that episode as either that alien or another character. So be watching for that.

Along with the development of the series we are creating a RPG based on the show where at the end of each season a new add on pack will be available.

We’re also going to be launching an audio series and are looking for voice over talents to get involved with that. All ages, genders etc… are welcome to join in. No experience necessary, just talent and access to quality recording equipment. If you’re interested in getting involved with that drop us an email at intergalacticspacerangers@gmail.com

February will be the launch of our Crowdfunding campaign, so we’ll be working hard with getting our presentation together. I’m very excited and honored to be working with such a collective of talented people on this project and with each step we make forward I’m more confident in the success of the endeavor.

To help build up our budget for our presentation with the Crowdfunding program we’ve started an online store containing T-Shirts, Bumper stickers and Posters. More products will be added as we go along like jewelry and replica ISR badges. Please show your support by either making a purchase or help spread the word about our store so we can make this even bigger and better.

We’re working to bring the Henson Workshop onboard with this project, we’ve got experienced artists, a collection of music composers with years of industry experience as well as a model maker that built models for the Star Trek series and more. The list goes on and we really have something special here and I’m so glad to have you be a part of it. If you’re actively participating with our project that’s awesome and if you’re not and you’d like to be let us know so we can work together to make this project a success.

Take care!

Kirk Johnson
Project Manager

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