Hi Everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying the increasing warmer temperatures.  I don’t do well with the winter and short days, makes me want to hibernate.  It’s great, got windows open, getting fresh air in and waking up.

With spring we are going to be launching into different directions.  One getting prepared for a KICKSTARTER campaign and two we’ll be setting up a PATREON account for our three audio series.

For those of you not familiar with a Patreon account, what it does is allow people to sponsor our programs.  Say for instance you listened to our audio production of Doorways and Dimensions “Breathe” which over 14,600 people have already.  And say you liked it and would like to hear more.  What you can do is become a sponsor where you agree to donate so much money every time a new episode is put up on You Tube for everyone to enjoy.  With that you are in complete control as you can not only set how much you donate per released episode, but you can set up a monthly spending cap, so if production really takes off you’ll never pay over the cap you set.  There will be special incentives for our patrons in the form of having each new episode emailed right to you in an MP3, T-Shirt give a ways, ISR RPG give aways, walk on roles for ISR TV series and more.

 There are three audio programs you can support.  There’s “Doorways and Dimensions”, Twilight Zone type stories – WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny) comedy variety show and the launching of “Intergalactic Space Rangers” audio series that will go along with our ISR Television program in development.

 We’ve also launched an online ISR comic that will be available for sponsorship as well.

 By supporting our programs we’ll be able to not only make the programs bigger and better, but will be able to produce them more quickly.  For more information on becoming a patron drop us a note at


 We are in the midst of editing the second episode of “Doorways and Dimensions” entitled “Doubles” and have begun auditioning parts for the third particularly disturbing episode “Dolls”, so don’t wait too long before sending in your auditions.

 We have quite the variety of Voice Over parts available right now from serious to comedy material for our variety show WTF RADIO – With the addition of the comedy program we are now looking for all types of characters and impersonations from people to puppets and cartoons which we were not doing with the production of D&D.  So if you’re ready to do some goofball stuff and get exposure get a hold of us.

 Our WRITING STAFF FOR THE COMEDY SERIES is growing and we’re still looking to expand further.  If you’re interested in doing some writing for comedy skits and parodies along the lines of SNL, In Living Color, MadTV, SCTV, Monty Python and more, then drop us an email.

 For those of you who have expressed interest in being a part of our writing team, we need you signed up and active in the “Comedy Club” section of Forum7.  If you can make the weekly conference calls that is great, if not to stay a part of this you need to be participating in the forum.

 OUR GOAL is to get the audio series going strong enough that we can pay for the production of the Television series ourselves which would mean better everything as we would have a much larger budget to work with if we’re not having to hand over 50% or more of what we’re bringing in to investors.

 This means a greater outreach to providing opportunities to other countries to get involved.  Being able to pour money into the look and feel of the show as well as being able to involve more people with the program.

 STAFF NEEDS – We need more people on board doing the behind the scenes work like sending out postings on Craigslist, researching information as well as people for our review board that looks over, categorizes and critiques incoming story submissions.

 I will be attending an ANIME CONVENTION in Green Bay Wisconsin the weekend of the 20th and will be handing out business cards, posters and T-Shirts.  This is something we would like to work into doing on a regular basis.  If anyone is attending this convention, be sure to look me up, would be great to meet with you.

 ATTENTION ARTISTS – We are still on the lookout for story board artists, illustrators, graphic artists and concept artists.  With posting our audio series on You Tube, the opportunity is there to place animatics with the episodes.  We are also planning a graphic novel based off ISR.

 Thank you for following our progress. Our hope is that you will become an active part of this family of talent from around the globe.  Anyone wanting to be a part of this, we’ll find you something to do.  If you have talent and determination, we’ll use you, if you got no talent, but are motivated to be in on this we’ll plug you in somewhere.

 The heart and soul of what we’re doing here is to provide opportunities to people where there is none.  Maybe the situation is location, not a problem; we’ll bring it to you.  Maybe the problem is connections, not a problem; we’ve a great network of talent coming together from countries from all over.

Yes we want to entertain, yes we are going to produce quality content, but our main goal is finding like-minded talented people out there who have the ambition, have the drive to succeed but lack the opportunity.  We’re here to give you that chance, to build this together.  The mountain is HUGE, there is room for everyone, let’s help each other up to the top with patience, compassion and understanding and get everyone up there together 🙂

Grab the suntan lotion, things are about to warm up!


Kirk Johnson

Executive Producer


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