We have a number of voice over parts we need filled to finish up some productions, so if you’re a voice over person, please take a look here – http://www.intergalacticspacerangers.com/casting-corner/voice-over-casting/ to see if you can help out.

Needs for our comedy series – 

10-12 year old boy

Phil Hartman type character

Female co- anchor

Forest Gump impersonation

Any Anime characters

Any Simpsons characters


Needs for Doorways and Dimensions series – 

12 year old girl voice

9 year old girl voice

Teddy bear voice

Hero type voice


We have a bunch more parts that will be posted shortly for both of these series, we would just like to see these last parts filled in first before adding more to the mix so we don’t have a bunch of almost finished productions.



My apologies as production has seemed to be going pretty slow because a lot of time has been invested into filling our various departments, but now that we are ready to move, in the next two months we’ll be releasing three new Doorways and Dimensions episodes, two episodes or more of our new comedy series along with the launch of Intergalactic Space Rangers audio series episode #1.

I’m happy and excited to announce we have picked up talent from a couple more countries to add to the mix – France, England, Scotland and Barbados 🙂



We are looking for talented singers to record parody songs for our comedy show.  We’ll provide you the lyrics and music track.  Impersonations a plus, but not necessary.  Send a sample of you singing what song best represents your voice to intergalacticspacerangers@gmail.com  If you can sing doing impersonations of any singer, celebrity or cartoon characters,send that as well.



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