We are looking for talent in all areas of film and audio production.  We’re more concerned with your talent and motivation than professional experience.

All our projects are a global collaboration with people working right in their own countries thanks to the internet.

We have three AUDIO SERIES in production –

  • Doorways and Dimensions – Twilight Zone/Tales from the Crypt type program
  • Intergalactic Space Rangers – 50’s style sci fi adventure based off of our television series in development.
  • WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny) – Comedy variety show with skits, spoofs and parodies.

We are looking for writers, voice over talent, composers and audio engineers along with singers.

SINGERS – We are looking for talented singers to use for parody songs in our WTF RADIO productions.  Impersonations a plus, but not a requirement.


Our TELEVISION PROGRAM “Intergalactic Space Rangers” in development will be filmed in various locations around the globe.  We are looking to set up Branches of our organization in cities throughout the world to take part in our project.  With that we are looking for Branch Mangers to organize talent in their area to get things ready for production.  If that is something that would interest you, let us know.

We are looking for writers, composers, fabricators, concept artists, puppeteers and all other areas of cinematography.

ARTISTS – Looking for concept and designs for aliens, robots, costumes, armor, structures, vehicles, gadgets,  weapons, environments etc…

COSPLAY  – Big opportunity for Cosplayers to get involved in film as we’ll be needing lots of extras dressing up as anything from steampunk citizens and robots to monsters and aliens.

 FABRICATION – We’re looking for talent in the areas of costume design and fabrication along with prop design and fabrication.


  1. Hi,
    i’m interested for a audio engineers job opportunity.
    Where can i post my CV ?
    Thank you
    Igor Stojic

  2. Hello, I have some aliens and a few robots available. Both the robots and aliens are part of separate series I started and I could do more if there is interest.

    Visit my page in my bio or click the link and go to the “something different” gallery to see them.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    John W.

  3. Hi, just email you a few minutes ago, but just to make sure, here it goes my site too:

    You can learn about me there and all that and also see a bunch of my concept illustrations, and all sorts of pics.


    Luis Peres

  4. Hi Kirk, I crafted a new alien species over the last few days. The plates on his head raise up and rotate outward to release heat. I can change the appearance of the skin to any origin of temperature. I would say this guy is from the desert. Easy enough to change it up if necessary.

    Nice work Luis!

  5. I had included the link, but it didn’t show up, hope this one works.

  6. Apparently the site won’t allow links to be posted, but I got to see it, looks pretty cool 🙂

  7. You can see some of my works at, and in my Instagram account @queenpili. You can also see some of my old works at Let me know if you want my resume.

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