We’re looking for submissions for our audio book series “Doorways and Dimensions” along with material for a comedy variety show.


“Doorways and Dimensions” – We’re looking for scripts that can be acted out in either a 22-24 minute time frame or 10-12 minute.  These stories should be along the lines of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Outer Limits or Tales from the dark side.  What we’re shooting for are science fiction stories with a twisted ending.  Not every story has to be science fiction, but we’re more likely to use it if it is.

Comedy Variety Show – We’re looking for comedic skits, parodies and spoofs that can be acted out in anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes.  These pieces can be fake commercials, news casts, spoofs of television programs etc…  Basically an audio version of SNL.

LIMITATIONS: The target audience for these programs are leaning towards the adult audience, but we would like to keep them family friendly, so with that in mind no off color material, swearing and topics like religion and sexual preference are off limits.

NOTE: If you are writing material specifically to submit for either of these projects, you may want to send in a log-line first to test the waters before putting the work in, to see if it’s something we would consider.

Send all your submissions to with the heading “Script Submission”

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