Here’s your list-

1) SUBSCRIBE – On the bottom of the home page is where you can “SUBSCRIBE” to let us know you want to be a part of this and what your interests are. By subscribing it puts you on file and give you automatic updates direct to your email.



2) CONFERENCE CALLS – Take part in our weekly conference calls for the planning and development of this project.

3) FORUMS – Be an active participant in our forum where all the building and development of the series takes place from concept to fabrication. Go to the tab toward the top of the page marked “Forum7” to register.


4) BE CREATIVE & HAVE FUN – We’re looking for story ideas, concept art (make up some characters like robots & aliens, costumes, space ships, sets, vehicles, props and people to draw up story boards.

5) PRODUCTION RELATED SKILL – If there is something you’re good at OTHER THAN ACTING like filming, editing, artwork etc… and would like to put those skills forward to get the ball rolling that would be great. Our first step is in creating our “Crowdfunding” campaign and obviously the more production to include the better. (ACTING IS A PRIVILEGE, SOMETHING YOU GET TO DO THROUGH PARTICIPATION, IT’S NOT A CONTRIBUTION- OFFERING TO ACT AS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THIS PROJECT IS LIKE OFFERING TO BRING AIR.)

6) FABRICATE – We need costumes, props and sets. If you’re creative and want to be involved there that would be a big help.

7) RESEARCH – We’re looking to include as much from the Sci-Fi era of the 70’s on back with props, characters, actors and film makers and we need help contacting the right people either for permissions for use of specific characters and props or just asking people involved in the production of these shows if they would be interested in participating.

8) DONATE – We’re working to capture the look and feel of old school science fiction which means low brow and making props and sets out of whatever is on hand, so check your attics, basements and garages for anything that could useful to the cause.

9) RECRUIT – We’d really like to approach this in a community setting and get whole towns involved with making parts of our productions and in order to do that we need to get the word out. Shortly we will have a press release available to submit to the news department of your local newspaper along with a flier you download and print up to put around your area to create awareness.

10) MANAGE A BRANCH – If there is not a Branch already set up in your area either consider starting one up or helping find someone who might be interested. If that is something you are interested in contact us and we’ll help you get that going.


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