Sunday March 28th at 7pm CST will be our next writers meeting for all of those involved with episodes and foundations for the “Intergalactic Space Rangers” Television & Audio program.  We’ve started casting for the audio series and will begin production shortly.

With production starting up we need to get together to work out the first season for both the audio and television show as they will be working off of each other, so we’ll need to look at what episodes and stories will be best suited for audio and what story lines and characters will cross over between the two.

Along with that we’ll need to hammer down the structure for upcoming seasons and what story goals we’re looking to implement where.  It’s important if you want to continue with the writing and character development for these programs that you make the effort to attend the following meetings and follow up in our work forum.

Any questions about this get in touch at


COMEDY WRITERS GROUP – Next meeting will be Sunday March 28th at 5pm CST – Be sure to check the work forum each week before the meeting in case of any changes or cancellations.



We are looking for someone who would be interested in managing our audio department.  To qualify you would have to be willing to commit yourself to 10-15 hours per week, have organizational skills, be self-motivated along with the ability to motivate others.  You would be in charge of organizing the various departments within the audio department, recruiting talent and keeping in communication with the audio staff.  Recruitment would mainly be done through the internet with postings on sites like Stage32, Craigslist etc…  Benefits would be receiving a percentage of earnings of all audio programs that you managed as well as IMDB.  Done well this could work into a full time paid position.



We’re all in favor of people helping out and posting about our projects on various forums and recruitment sites, thank you for your help.  That being said I would just ask that anything you are going to submit on our behalf, that you would send us the submission for review first so we can make sure the wording is accurate to what we’re doing, otherwise something could be posted on our behalf that’s not completely on the same page.  That’s awesome if you’re motivated to help out, just please show us what you’re posting first 🙂

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