“I can teach you the basics of puppetry in an afternoon, but it will take you a lifetime to master it.”

Bob Baker, Puppet Master.


I moved to Los Angeles on August 8, 1996 with $600 in my hip pocket, a SAG card, and dreams

of fame and fortune. I quickly fell on hard times. Two months later, I chanced upon the Bob Baker

Marionette Theater near downtown Los Angeles. Before I knew what had happened, I was hired

as a full­time puppeteer. I trained under puppet master Bob Baker. The time I spent at Bob’s

theater and with the LA Opera was emotionally rewarding. Being an actor is one thing. Bringing

an inanimate object to life is a whole other animal. Puppetry requires a comprehensive

understanding of movement, psychology, and more.


There are plenty of employment opportunities for puppet designers and performers, because, in

many instances, it is less expensive to utilize a puppet than to create a computer generated

character. Below are a list of resources to help you realize your dream of becoming a puppeteer.




University of Connecticut ­ Puppet Arts:­arts/

West Virginia University ­ Puppetry & Creative Dramatics:

Stan Winston School of Character Arts:




Puppeteers of America:



Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry:


The Audition

Howdy folks! I want to arm you with information that will help get you through your Intergalactic Space Rangers audition. Most of you will be auditioning from the comfort of your home via the internet; therefore, it is important to understand what makes for a good audition performance. Below is a short YouTube instructional video (audition techniques). Everything you will need to know about auditioning is on this awesome video. 

Acting Tips – Secrets to a Successful Audition



This week’s blog we’re going to explore the origins of extraterrestrial life. Before we can realistically fictionalize science, we first need a better understanding of real science. In the linked documentary — titled “Alien Planet” — some of our bests scientific minds and filmmakers come together to create a plausible alien world wherein life could exist. I’m including a bonus National Geographic documentary titled “When Aliens Attack”. Like “Alien Planet”, the bonus video was created through the participation of scientists, politicians, and filmmakers. Enjoy!


MANNED EXPLORATION OF SPACELet’s continue to explore the science of space exploration in this blog entry. To be truly great science fiction actors, puppeteers, and stunt performers, you need to have a realistic idea of the science behind the fiction. In this spectacular two part BBC mockumentary “Space Odyssey Voyage to the Planets” you will see what it is like to be on a manned interplanetary exploration mission. There is also a bonus six minute behind the scenes clip that describes how the filmmakers successfully recreated planets Venus and Mars. As performers on “Intergalactic Space Rangers”, you will experience a similar work environment and preparation.


You want to be a stunt performer, but you’re not sure where to start. Stunt school of course. Below is a list of stunt schools for your consideration. If and when you decide to train, please be sure to send us regular updates. We want to know all about your fun experience as a stunt student. When you receive your certificate of completion, email us a copy of that certificate along with your nifty headshot and contact information.

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