We are looking to fill positions in the following areas –

PRODUCTION MANAGER – Would be in charge of overseeing the details of each production by posting the various projects and audition lines on the matching website, coordinating with the Casting Director, Music Director and Audio Engineer to make sure all areas are covered.

ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER – Would work along with the production manager to ensure all areas of production are covered.

ASSISTANT MUSIC DEPARTMENT MANAGER – Would be assistant to the department manager.

ASSISTANT CASTING DIRECTOR – Would help fill the various roles posted on the site for the voice over department through contacting and recruiting voice over talent.  This is something that could work into a Casting Director position.

ASSISTANT CREW MANAGER – Track progress of participants.  Know who is doing what and how far along they are through regular communication.  This is something that could work into Crew Manager position.

WEB DESIGN MANAGER – We are expanding into two more websites, one for WTF RADIO and the other Doorways and Dimensions.  These three sites will be linked together.  The ideas would be to have one person working on each of the three sites with someone coordinating the group.

WEB DESIGNER – Some to help with creating templates and artwork for the websites.

WEB MODERATOR– Someone to watch over what postings are allowed on to the site, checking the sites for grammatical errors etc…

PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER – Would oversee the public relations department which would write articles reviewing our programming and providing updates that would be submitted to various newspapers, online publications and social media as well as providing a monthly news letter.

PR WRITERS – Persons with writing skills to put together reviews and articles about our projects and people its people involved.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS – Would be in charge of setting up and managing various accounts representing our projects with everything from Twitter and Face book to Pinterest and LinkedIn.

PROMOTERS – Would work within the PR department to reach out to the public and gain opinion, create interest, inspire feedback and encourage involvement.

RECRUITERS – Would contact various websites and Colleges about involvement with our projects in the areas of acting, artwork, prop building, special effects, special effects make up.


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