Hey everybody! Just wanted to send out a quick update on what’s going on.

Starting August 18th we’ll be adding two more times for you to join in on our conference calls, Mondays at 9am and 8pm Central – again the clock on our home page is set to the time zone that our conference calls take place, so if you’re ever unsure of what time the call is according to your zone just look at the clock on the site.

We’ve got ISR T-Shirts and Bumper stickers for sale on the site. All money raised will be going towards our crowdfunding campaign. The T-Shirt is a bit of a novelty as not only is it a really cool design, but the back of it Glows in the dark! So you can show your support by purchasing one of these products and help advertise our project.

We’re making some major strides with moving things forward, not only are we working on the development of the Television series, but an RPG to go along with it. We’ll be release the RPG with the crowdfunding campaign and then then additional packs will become available at the end of each season of the program adding the new characters, ships, items and locations that have just been introduced.

Thanks for coming along for the ride whether just to observe and cheer us on or get involved in your area.

We do have a press release and fliers that can be downloaded where you can help to promote our project by submitting the article to your local newspaper and getting some fliers up in your area if you’d like to help out.

Thanks and hope to see you in the forums 🙂

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