Some exciting news to kick off the New Year!  We’ve decided while waiting to get things up and running with the television series that we would go ahead and produce the pilot episode as an audio book.

With that there will be a bunch of voice over parts posted to the site to audition for, so for those of you interested be watching for that.

Right now we’re just looking to only produce the pilot episode, but depending on the response this could go to a regular audio series that would go along with the television series.  The following episodes would be connected to the television series, but would be their own episodes with characters exclusive to each series and others crossing over from one to the other.

There will be parts available for audition for all ages and genders.

For those of you interested in auditioning we’re giving you a reminder that no experience is necessary, just talent and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located as long as you have access to quality recording equipment and can send the recording to us through the internet.

This is going to be an exciting year for us as we’ve launched our audio book series “Doorways and Dimensions” and are continuing to produce the following episodes, we are adding in a comedy variety show audio book series, we’ll be releasing our ISR role playing game and are planing to start filming the television pilot by this fall.

So lots to do, lots of opportunities coming  up.  We encourage you to become involved with moving things forward on these projects.

Thanks for being with us to share in the excitement and remember…with great power comes an even greater electric bill 🙂

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