We have been setting up shop preparing to launch into full production.  We’ve assembled an amazing team of talent from countries around the world and are ready now to move forward.  Our goal for this year is working up to producing four episodes of each production per month for our three audio series.

EXCITING NEWS: With our crew being at full strength we are going to be offering our services out for production of other peoples works into audio books which will mean immediate income to those involved.  Ten percent of what we’ll be charging the client will go to the company, while the other ninety percent will be divided up between the four departments producing our audio productions.

Although we’re in a good position to get underway, we are still looking to continue expanding the staff in our various departments if you are interested.

LOOKING FOR SINGERS: We need talented singers with access to quality recording equipment to record parody songs for our comedy series WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny)  We’ll provide you with lyrics and background track.  Impersonations are a plus, but not required.

NEW WEBSITE: We have a new website being constructed that I think you’ll be well pleased with that will have more features and will be easier to navigate.  If there are any graphic 2d or 3D artists out there that would be interested in getting involved with the project let us know.

VOICE OVER UPDATE: For those of you interested in being involved with our voice over opportunities, I’ve mentioned previously that there would be a lot more opportunities coming up, well that time is here.  Over the next week there will be an additional fifty parts or more being placed on the site for open audition.  So if you have not been cast yet here’s your chance and of course we’d be pleased to have any of our VO talent that we’ve utilized already come work with us again.

TALENT COORDINATORS: We would like to set up shop right in your area whether that be in the USA or any other country, but we need representatives there to do it.  We need Talent Coordinators to help bring people in their own areas together and get organized so that we can not only look at having your area possibly involved with the audio productions, but our upcoming Television series as well.  If you would like to see a part of our organization finding a home in your area and are willing to help out, then let us know so we can get the ball rolling.

If you’re not up to heading up a Branch of our organization in your area, but would still be willing help with recruiting talent let us know.


I’d like to thank everyone for following along and encourage you to get active with our forum; we’d like to hear from you.

Remember, apart we’re all awesome, but together we’ll be unstoppable 🙂

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