Good news!  We are going to be making our audio series available to everyone for free.  We’ve decided that heading into producing the ISR Television program that charging for one and not the other is inconsistent, so we will generate revenue with the audio books the same way you do with TV and that’s adds.

So for those of you involved with the production of the series don’t freak out hearing the word “Free” we’ll be making money from the hits to the video on You Tube.  The more audio books we fill our channel with, the more views we’re going to get.

Go here  and listen to the episode, if you like it share the link with a friend 🙂


There is opportunity to expand our audio productions with hosting on You Tube and that is to be able to include illustrations.  We are looking for artists interested in working on illustrations for these audio books.


We’d like to encourage everyone to take advantage of our forum it’s FREE and easy to use just click on the “Forum7″tab on the menu of the main page to sign up.  Discussions on all aspects of film making, production and more, so join us!

VOICE OVER – There are still a couple male parts that need to be filled for our next production, so if that’s your thing get in touch.

SUNDAY CONFERENCE CALL – Reminder to our regulars that the Sunday conference calls will be going back to 7pm CST and at 5pm this Sunday starts our weekly conference calls for our “Comedy writers” that should be a good time, looking forward to this.

Thanks everyone and don’t be shy, if you’re not already involved with our projects and would like to be drop me a note and we’ll see where we can work you in.

Take care!

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