Our first episode will be available on November 30th entitled “Breathe”


You can listen to a preview on our “Audio Series” page.


If you are not already aware we have three projects that will be working off of each other.  The first is “Intergalactic Space Rangers” 50’s style live action television series in development that will be coming to HULU or Netflix.  The second is an RPG based off of the upcoming television series and will have add on packs available at the end of each season with whatever new characters, ships, weapons. etc… have been introduced that season  Lastly is our audio series “Doorways and Dimensions” bringing back the golden age of radio with new twisted tales of the bizarre.  There will be cross over episodes between the audio and television series.


These three entities play off of each other as the same writers, musicians, etc… are involved in the production of these projects and the monies earned will be pooled to help build and expand one another.


Our Casting Director/Producer Matthew Gross has just sent out our press release to over 130 publications worldwide and we’re asking for your help to spread that even further by going to our “Audio Series” page and downloading the press release and submitting it to your local publications as well as posting to your social media.


This is a group effort where our success is your success.  The faster we can we build and grow, the quicker we get to production on our television series and the more opportunities for involvement with our audio series as well.


Monies earned from our pilot episode “Breathe” will help budget future episodes.  The farther spread we can get word of this project, the faster, bigger and better future projects will be.


We have a very talented and dedicated crew producing this audio series and we’re very excited to share this with you!

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