SYNOPSIS: The fourth Doctor is off on another adventure with his companion Jema.  But wait something’s wrong that’s not The Doctor?  Ah yes it is, this is the fourth incarnation from a different time line.  A different series of events brought about The Doctors third regeneration bringing about the birth of a different incarnation altogether. 

Prepare to see The Doctor in a whole new way with a new set of adventures as Doctor Who 2.0 explores this alternate time line.

In our first action packed adventure Jema and The Doctor come to earth for a little break only to discover a town where things are just a little too friendly, or are they?  The town’s people are being taken over by small Cyber-spiders that insert themselves at the base of the skull and take complete control of their host.

Can The Doctor and Jema find out who’s behind this evil plot and stop them before it’s too late?

This adventure is full of twists and turns as The Doctor and Jema end up face to face with Daleks, the birth of the Cybermen and all this leading up to some epic battles as while the Doctor is away dealing with the Cybermen the earth has become over run with Daleks. 

The US military and Unit Join forces to try and stop them and end up with some special help from the past they did not count on.

Join us on this thrill ride of excitement and emotions as The Doctor is brought to the big screen in a way that has never been done before. 

This adventure although delving into a new Doctor draws it inspiration from the original series carefully taking key elements that people have recognized as characteristics of the Doctor Who program and bringing them into a new light. 

This new adventure is guaranteed to thrill all generations of Doctor Who fans, so come join us in what will be the Epic tale of Doctor Who.

There are parts of the script and story that are locked in, but with being a fan film, we want as much input from the fans, so it’s been left open for additions. 

Brainstorm on any ideas or situations for the film that members would like to see worked in, if it’s a good idea and it does not contradict the script we will try to work it in.  This is for ideas or situations; we are not looking for full scripts



First off this began in 2011, don’t let the name Jema throw you as the name was picked before it came up in the new Doctor Who series.

This is a fan project being released as an audio drama with Graphic Novel artwork.  Our goal is to create a high quality production paying homage to the Doctor Who era by combining elements from the old and new Doctor Who series, mixing in some twists and providing opportunities for as many Who fans to participate as we are able.  Our hope is once this project is released and gains some footing that we will be able to get the permissions from the BBC and additional parties to film an A list feature length production of this project involving fans from around the globe to the create the largest most epic Doctor Who project to date.

GRAPHIC ARTISTS:  We are looking to build a team of artist to work together in producing the accompanying artwork for this project, everything from concept and storyboard artists to inkers and colorists.  Our goal is to pull together a large enough team of talent that the work can be spread out so that this can easily be done on the side without having the brunt of this be on anyone’s shoulders.

VOICE OVER:  Below will be the listing of voice over opportunities for this project.  There will be a number of original characters along with classics.  This production only uses original character voices going up to the Tom Baker era of Who production.

We need the Doctors, assistants, the master, K9 and military personal to all be dead on to the originals, (not similar or close to, but indistinguishable).

These readings from a film script, so don’t let the visual cues throw you.




These are all multi-person scripts, so have someone else read the parts you are not auditioning for. Do not read the other part(s) yourself, or just skip over them.

NOTE: As with all our audio projects you MUST have access to quality recording equipment to participate, we do not provide you with the recording equipment.



Queen: Servant.

Servant : Yes, your highness.

Queen: Where is the Doctor?

Servant: Last I saw, he was in the courtyard talking with one of the guards.

Queen: Fetch him to me.

Servant: Yes, my Queen.

Queen: And the girl, too. I have much to discuss with them. (The servant starts to leave, but

when the Advisor speaks the Queen gestures for him to wait. He obeys.)

Advisor: Do you think that wise?

Queen: What do you mean?

Advisor: You know our history, my Queen. It was man that almost wiped us all out, rained down

fire and death upon our people, scorched our skies, and poisoned our waters. Now we find

it’s a man who is behind these metal monsters who are trying to wipe us out, and here you are

sending off for a man to try to save us. Have we learned nothing?

Queen: I understand your concerns, Katura. This does not set well with me either, but just as I

need you to advise and remind me of our laws and history, I need someone who can advise

me about these metal creatures. We know nothing of this technology that is being used

against us. Besides, who better to know how to wage a war and bring about destruction than

another man?

Advisor: Yes, my Queen. (She bows, showing a sign of respect.) But be very careful that you do

not fall into the same trap that our ancestors did, and lead us into ruin by following man

blindly. (Clenching a fist.) You must keep a tight rein on him, and do not let him veer to the

left or the right of his own accord, but keep him on a steady course that only you control.

Queen: Let it be as you say. Now quickly, servant, bring them to me. We have much to plan.

Servant: Yes, Your Highness — but what should I tell him if he asks why he’s being summoned?

Queen: Just tell him I have called for him. That is sufficient.

Servant: Yes, my Queen. I will do as you command.



(Jungle scene, Midday. Trees and foliage abound. Tiana comes running down the path and grabs

hold of Dartax.)

Tiana: Quick! Get down! There are more of them coming! (They duck down behind some


Dartax: (Trying to whisper) How many of them are there?

Tiana: (Still catching her breath.) I don’t know. I was spotted, so I took off and came to find you.

Dartax: We’ve got to find out where these things are coming from.

Tiana: Wait! Quiet! I thought I heard something. (They stop and listen. After some rustling they

see a couple Cybermen going by. The girls stay tucked down and quiet waiting for them to


Dartax: (Starting to panic) This place is crawling with these things! how are we going to get out

of here? (Suddenly there is a large crack behind them, they turn to look as a Cybermen is

pushing apart the trees behind them, Tiana turns to run and goes smack dab into the chest of

one of the Cybermen. Dartax screams as a Cyberman grabs from behind by the hair. Tiana

just barely escapes the clutches of another Cyberman, then tries to help by grabbing a

branch and hitting the Cyberman. At this point more Cybermen are showing up, finally

Dartax just starts yelling, struggling with the Cyberman who has hold of her.) Go, Tiana! Get

out of here! Ahhgh!

(The Cybermen start to surround Tiana. Her only means of defense the branch she picked up off

of the ground. She starts beating one of them in the head with it.)

Tiana: I’m not going to leave you!

(A Cyberman grabs the branch away from her, snaps it like a twig, and throws it down. Dartax

screams as she is dragged along, trying to hold onto the Cyberman’s hand so not to be

dragged by her hair.)

Dartax: (Starting to cry from panic.) No, no!

(Her legs start to get cut up by rocks and broken sticks along the way. More and more Cybermen

show up till finally Tiana has no choice but to leave the girl behind or be captured herself.

She fights her way out however she can to head back towards the camp.)

Tiana: Hang on, Dartax! I’m going to get help! Hang on! I’ll be back with help. We’ll find you!




Susie – 6-10 years old

Ellen – 11-17

John – 6-10

Peter – 11-17

Peter: Come on, guys. It’s clear.

Susie: Are you sure? It wasn’t last time.

Peter: Just come on, already. We’ve got to go.

Susie: I don’t want to go. I’m scared.

Ellen: (Offering her hand.) We all are, Sue. Come on.

John: I’m not.

Ellen: That’s because you’re a little freak and you scare them more than they scare you.

John: Yeah, well, they should be scared. I’m gonna get ‘em for what they did to Mom and Dad.

Ellen: Yeah… Let’s not think about that right now. We’ve got to keep moving.

Peter: (Under his breath) Come on! We’ve got to go before they come back!

Ellen: All right, let’s go.

Susie: Stop! We can’t go!

Ellen: What’s the matter, Sue?

Susie: (Frantically) I can’t find Emmy! Where is she?

Peter: What? That stupid doll?

Susie: I have to have to find her! Mommy gave her to me.

Peter: Ughh! (He closes his eyes for a moment in frustration, then looks at Susie about to cry and

softens.) All right. Ellen, take John and Sue and go. I’ll find Emmy and catch up with you.

John: No, Peter. we’re not supposed to separate, remember? Dad told us to stay together.

Peter: Yeah, I know, but just to do what you’re told. Come on, guys! Go! I’ll catch up.

Ellen: Come on, do what he says. We have to hurry.


Rick – Oldest and most mature.

Tina – The only girl in the group.

Brad – Big, obnoxious bully.

George and Fred – two other boys.

Pete – Youngest and smallest of the group; Tina’s little brother.

(We see a group of teens of various ages trudging along with flashlights goofing around and

heading to a cave entrance.)

Rick: Someone should go down there ahead to make sure it’s all right before heading in.

Tina: Any volunteers?

Brad: (Grabbing Pete.) Yeah! Let’s send the squirt down.

Tina: No, Brad. He’s just a kid.

Brad: (Laughing.) Oooh is the wittle baby scared? Is he going to wet his diaper?

Tina: Brad, don’t.

George: Come on, Brad. Leave the kid alone.

Fred: Yeah, Brad. That’s not cool.

Brad: (Sternly, getting in Fred’s face.) You wanna go? (Fred and George back off.) Didn’t think so.  Come on, it’ll make a man of him. Or are you too chicken, Pete? (Making goofy faces and imitating a chicken.) Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk!

Pete: (Pulling away from Brad.) I’m not chicken!

Brad: Ooh, look at the big man! So you’re not chicken? Fine, then prove it. (He hands Pete a

flashlight. Pete grabs it out of Brad’s hand.)

Tina: No, Pete.

Pete: Leave me alone, sis! Just stay here with your stupid boyfriend. (He goes down into the cave

while Brad just grins.)



(Katelyn, Kate, and Jema are shopping at a clothing store in a mall.)

Katelyn: (Mostly teasing.) So… is there something going on between you guys?

Jema: What? Me and the Doctor!? Pffft! Are you kidding? He’s waaaay to old for me. (She holds

up a shirt to herself.)

Kate: He doesn’t look that old. I mean… you know what I mean… He’s kinda cute. (She looks off

into the distance thinking about the Doctor.)

Jema: Don’t be fooled. He looked a lot older when we first met. (She puts the shirt back and

grabs another.)

Katelyn: (Sarcastic) What happened? He get a face lift?

Jema: Uhm… yeah, you could say that.

Kate: Wow, did they do a good job. Hope I look that good when I’m his age, whatever that is.

Jema: (Quietly) Only if you’re hermetically sealed.

Kate: What was that?

Jema: Uh, nothing.

Katelyn: Why do you call him The Doctor?

Kate: Yeah, that is kind of weird.

Jema: (Getting a little uncomfortable) I don’t know. That’s just his nickname, I guess.

Katelyn: So what is his real name?

Jema: Who?

Katelyn: The Doctor.

Jema: Let’s not go there.




(Note: This section only shows a Police Officer, but should be used for all Police, Military,

Medic, and similar roles.)

Police Officer: (Motioning for everyone to back up.) All right, I need everyone to get back!

Woman: (Frantically) But, Officer, my son might be in there!

Police Officer: Look, Ma’am, we’re doing the best we can. If your son is in there, we will find

him. In the meantime we need everyone to stay back so we can do our jobs without anyone

else getting hurt.

Woman : But what are those things?

Police Officer: I don’t know, Ma’am, but I wish to heck they would go back to whereever they

came from.

Woman: (Calling) Joey! Joey!

Police Officer: Quick! Everybody get back! There are more of those things coming!

Woman: Joey! You’ve got to let me go get him! (She breaks through.)

Police Officer: Hey! Back up! No! Stop! Come back here! Come back! You’re going to get




(We see a young woman at the front of the Church kneeling before a large cross praying.)

Girl: Dear God… I know it’s been a long time since I’ve prayed to you. I’m scared and I don’t

know why those things are here, but please make them go away. There is, like, nobody left…

they took Mama and Papa and uncle Frank. All I have left is my little brother Carlos… (Under

her breath) …and you know what a pain in the butt he is. (Catching herself.) Sorry. Please…

please save us.

(With a loud noise, a Dalek comes bursting in through the Church doors. The girl lets out a gasp

and cringes as the Dalek comes rolling up the aisle towards her.)

Dalek: Exterminate! Exterminate! (Continues)

Girl: (Nervously, starting to rock in place) Please God – please God – Please God. I’m not going

to move God, I’m, I’m, I’m gonna stay right here. I know you’re there and I’m not going to

move. Please God, please. Please make it go away. Make it go away and I’ll, I’ll even try to

get along with Carlos better.

(The Dalek is very close now, and starts to fire at the girl but misses repeatedly for some reason.

The bolts of energy that are missing her are hitting the wall by the cross. Suddenly the giant

cross lets loose from the wall and falls, crushing the Dalek. The girl looks back and sees the

crushed Dalek.)

Girl: (Slowly, and in shock) Oh my Go— (She quickly slaps her hand over her mouth, catching

herself) Sorry. (She gets up and slowly walks towards the crushed Dalek.) Wow…I don’t

believe this, I mean yes I do, I believe it. Thank you God. Thank you! Oh my gosh, this is

sooo cool! Oh wow… (Suddenly her face goes from a look of excitement and joy to one of

disappointment) Oh crap… (Looking up.) So does this mean I have to be nice to my little




On the sidewalk, an elderly lady named Gladyce out walking her dog comes across the Doctor

and Jema. Jema stops and pets the dog, while the Doctor greets the woman with a tip of the hat.

Doctor: Good day, Madam.

Gladyce: Such good manners. Those are so hard to come across these days, you know.

Doctor: One should always take time to show good manners. It’s what separates us from the

barbarians, I always say.

Gladyce: Indeed. You’re not from around here, are you?

Doctor: No, madam, we’re just here sightseeing. I don’t suppose I could trouble you to point us

to one of your local eateries? In our travels we like to stop and try the different cuisines along

the way.

Gladyce: It would be my pleasure. If you just continue up the block a ways you’ll come across a

lovely little restaurant, they have the most delicious assortment of homemade foods. While

you’re there you’ve got to try their homemade apple pie. Oh it is just to die for, light flaky

crust and just the right amount of cinnamon. Mmmm. Course I only have it on the rare

occasion. A girl has to watch her figure you know.

Doctor: And what a lovely figure it is, Madam. Thank you so much for your help. It’s been a real

pleasure making your acquaintance. (He tips his hat again and starts heading down the

sidewalk.) Come, Jema.



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