Hi everybody! 


First off, just wanted to let everyone know that our weekly conference call has been canceled for tonight.  Each week we have a conference call over the telephone, this is a free call for those wanting to help with pre-production work & planning for either our Television or audio series.  These meetings take place at 7pm CST Sundays and it’s a free call. 


If you have not attended any of the conference calls and would like to help with setting things up and be a part of making this a success get in touch at


If you have not done so already make sure to check out our staff page to see the growing talent we have pooling together on this project.  As we have people on board that have worked on projects like Thor, Captain America, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Breaking Bad and more.


If you’re looking to act make sure to fill our casting form and check out the Blog being written by Matthew Gross, one of our producers and casting director for tips on what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry.


We are gearing up to launch a press campaign introducing our upcoming audio series “Doorways & Dimensions” that will be advertised in over 130 newspapers around the globe.  When this happens we’d like your help with making this stretch out even further by having you submit our press release to your local paper as well as posting to your social media.  If you would like to help be a part of spreading the word please get in touch and we’ll send you the information.  This is a group effort and we need help and participation from everyone to make this a success.


November 23rd is the launch date for our pilot episode which is less than a month away.  We are very pleased with not only the talent we have on board with our project, but the diversity of countries involved outside of the USA like Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Israel and more.

Again we are looking for impersonators for our VO department, male and female impersonators that can do accurate impressions of today’s celebrities and on back to the beginnings of radio entertainment.

Our audio series are all individual stories with a different cast of characters, so there will be LOTS of opportunities for people to get involved whether you can do impressions OR NOT.  We need to make it clear that YOU DO NOT have to be able to do impressions to get  a VO part in one of our productions.  Just make sure to frequent our “Audio Series” page for audition information.  We will posting information there and updates in our news letters.  


A quick list of  VO impersonations we’re looking to fill are Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, The cast of the Honey Mooners, Marilyn Monroe, May West, Jimmy Durante, Jack Benny & company, George Burns & Gracie, Abbot & Costello, Jerry Lewis, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, Dan Aykrod & John Belushi, Jay Leno, Jim Carey, Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, Bob Hope, W.C. Fields, John Cleese & company, Amos & Andy cast, Lucille Ball & company, Carol Burnett & company, Gene Wilder, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Edger Burgen & Charlie McCarthy, Mel Blanc, Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling – If you can do any of the voices accurately off this list get in touch please –

I’m happy to report that we’ve filled the casting roles for our pilot and we’re getting it edited together and ready to go for Nov 23rd.  Each episode will be available for download for just $.99 each and we will be offering membership rates.  Starting out we’ll be releasing one episode per month, by summer we’re looking to have  a weekly episode released, so be watching for that.  Each season of the twelve episode will become available on CD.  Also for added entertainment each episode will have it’s own movie poster available for purchase on our web store. 


Also coming up we will be posting an ISR comic strip along with monthly contests, the first of which will be sending in designs for an alien.  The winner of the contest will not only have their alien featured in an episode of ISR, but they will depending on the design be able to be that alien or have a walk on role in the episode that their alien is featured in.


We’re working to give our website an upgrade and are looking for people with experience designing websites to help out, so if that’s you please get in touch ASAP as we really want to get moving on this soon.


Thanks for being with us and following our progress on this exciting and nostalgic journey into the futures past.


Take care my friends and stay safe!


Kirk Johnson – Executive Producer

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