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(RC) = “Reoccurring Role” to the series.

MARY BRANDON – Girl somewhere around 17, bright friendly voice

MARY: “Here Father, I made you something to eat.”

DR BRANDON: “Hmm, yes of course, thank you my dear.  I’ll have that a little later.”

MARY: (CAST – KELLEY MACK)“But you must eat Father to keep up your strength.  You’ve been working for days without a break.  I’m getting worried about you.”


DOCTOR BRANDON – Older gentlemen pushing somewhere near 60, Mild mannered

“You are a useless bumbling idiot!  I should just have you shot!”

“(demeanor changes to gentle like someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly) Oh, come here Mr. Wiggles.  (Talking cutesy like you would to a baby) I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled.” He says picking up the cat and petting it.

“(like you would talk to a baby) You’re such a cutie, how could I stay mad at you?  Now run along.” He says putting the cat down.


SECURITY GUARD (CAST- DORIAN LOCKETT)- mid 30’s Chris Rock type character

GUARD: “Oooh it sure gets spooky in here at night.  This place gives me the creeps, all these experiments going on and what not.  Looks like they’re building a Frankenstein in here or something.” He says to himself as he continues securing the building.


FRANK STONE(RC)  In his late 50’s, gruff, Australian accent

JOSH PETERS(RC) 17, bright friendly voice

THE COMMANDER (RC) (CAST – STEVE RIMPICI)– Deep bassy voice along the lines of Earl Jones

ASSISTANT(RC) – Timid female voice


JOSH: “I just wanted to say what a real inspiration you’ve been to us all and it’s an honor to meet you sir.  You’re a real hero.” he says with a smile and giving him a salute.

FRANK:”Oh really?  Did you hear that commander?  You guys need to show me a little more respect around here.”

COMMANDER “Oh sure Frank.  When talorian groms fly out my…”

ASSISTANT: “Excuse me sir, there is a distress call coming in.

COMMANDER: “What is it?”

ASSISTANT: “There’s been an unusual killing at the research center on planet B9.

COMMANDER: “Who do we have in that area?”

ASSISTANT: “Nobody right now sir.”

FRANK: “Hold up there Commander, no need to send a whole team for just that.  I can go take care of it.  Heck I’ll even take Junior here, get him out in the field and get some hair on his chest.”

COMMANDER: “Hmm.. Is there really nobody in the area?”


TIMMY – 10 yr old boy

ANNIE – 14 yr old girl

TOADY – Young alien

BOBBY – 10 yr old boy


BOBBY: “Look guys, a real Ranger!” he says pointing.

FRANK: “(friendly) Hiya kids.  Here, let me get my helmet off.”, he says in his gruff raspy voice.

TIMMY: “(spouts off in disbelief) But… he’s so.. old?”

Timmy’s older sister smacks him in the back of the head.

TIMMY: ”Hey!  What’d you do that for?”

TOADY: “Hey look it’s Mrothan Lu!”

The kids all leave Frank and head off for the other Ranger.

ANNIE: “Come on Timmy, uh..we don’t want to miss him.  (all sugar and spice) Have a nice day Mr.  (stern and under her breath) C’mon.”


PILOT#1– Male Humanoid

PILOT#2 –Male Alien

AUDITION MATERIAL FOR – Pilot#1 and Pilot#2

PILOT1: “Hey, what is that up ahead, it’s not showing on the scanner?” he says fiddling with controls.

PILOT2: “Ahh, you’re seeing things.  If it isn’t on the scanner, it isn’t there.”

PILOT1: “I’m telling you I saw movement up ahead.  There!  Look!” he says pointing.

PILOT2: “What the?  That’s not possible.” He says banging on the controls like there is something wrong with them.

Suddenly they are hit by a tractor beam followed by some kind of laser cutting through their cargo bay.

PILOT2: “Come on!  Get us out of here!”

PILOT1: “I can’t, it won’t move!  Mayday, mayday , we’re under attack.  We need assistance!”

You start hearing the ship creaking and buckling from structural damage followed up with a loud crack as their window starts to crack.

PILOT2: “Come in!  Come in!” he says panicked as the crack in the window continues to crack.


ARVIN(RC) Female alien Ranger, sexy voice

ARVIN: “Hey commander, not much going on out here, just checking in.  Getting a little lonely out here all by myself, what say you come on out here and join me?”

ARVIN: “Aghhh!” she punches her dash and makes another sound of frustration.

“Krelnar!  I don’t believe this.  Alright, I don’t know who you are, but you’re going down!” she says firing up the thrusters and heading off after them.


CONSTABLE ECKHEART – (CAST – STEVE RIMPICI) Male, 40’s gruff sounding

CONTSTABLE: “Sorry you came all this way for nothing.  Look, I appreciate you guys coming, but we’ve got this.  I know you got your fancy ranger gadgets and jet packs, but we do things different around here.  So thank you for coming.  If you want to stay and have a meal with us before leaving that’s fine, but be sure to just stay out of our way.


BOB (RC) Our resident robot, personality somewhere along the lines of Jim Carey and Robin Williams.

BOB: “Hey guys!  Look, I found a secret exit to get us out of here.

JOSH: “Aww cool Bob, did you really?(excited)”

BOB: “No, but wouldn’t it have been neat if I did?”


CAPTAIN REYNORE (RAY- NORE – E)(RC) Tony Bandera type. smooth talker


CAPTAINR: “One does not merely look at a flower.  No no, one must gaze upon such beauty and study and take it all in.  It’s color and shape, the softness of its pedals and Sniffffff (long drawn out inhale through the nose) ahhh the tantalizing aroma that gently flows into the air.  (pause) That and  before you came aboard my crew informed me who was boarding the ship, from there it was just a simple matter of deduction.

CRANE –(RC) Cross between Mr Smee from Peter Pan and Droopy Dog

CRANE: “I’m sorry captain, but we have to rendezvous with supply ship in the 5th sector, if we’re late again, you know what he said he would do to you.”


JOE– Male, late 30’s with a Manly Man voice  & Hank – male 30’s

JOE: “Yeah, well you be careful you’re seeing firsthand how this robot was pulled apart, I don’t think you want to go out the same way.”

HANK: “Nooo sir, you got that right.  I’ll be careful, first sign of trouble and I’ll be hightailing it out of here.  All you’ll see is my dust.


JAN – female late 20’s

JAN: “Found another piece over here sir, I think it was one of the utility arms.”


TOM – Over 18

TOM: “Hey!  Stop, it’s not safe.”

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