We currently have three audio series in the works,

a comedy variety show along the lines of SNL/Onion News/Monty Python etc… called WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny), HUMOROUS AND CARTOONY VOICE OVER PARTS


We are looking for talented singers to record parody songs for our comedy show.  We’ll provide you the lyrics and music track.  Impersonations a plus, but not necessary.  Send a sample of you singing what song best represents your voice to intergalacticspacerangers@gmail.com  If you can sing doing impersonations of any singer, celebrity or cartoon characters,send that as well.

Science Fiction Twilight Zone/Tales from the Crypt type stories called “DOORWAYS AND DIMENSIONS” and a retro Sci Fi action adventure “INTERGALACTIC SPACE RANGERS” THESE TWO PROGRAMS ARE FOR THE MORE SERIOUS ACTORS

NOTE: For the benefit of everyone we have to keep the quality of our programming high so that more people will tune in and add views to our YouTube channel to keep us going, so in the audition process there is a chance your submission may get bumped by another.  If that happens we will do our best to help you find another part to participate in.  Each episode of “Doorways and Dimensions” and “WTF RADIO” will have new sets of characters, so there will always be a good flow of new parts to audition for, so stay on top of new parts to give yourself a better chance of being cast.

These are going to be running for some time and will provide a lot of VO opportunities for all ages.

If you got the skills to do voice over work and have access to quality recording equipment, then be sure to audition for the various roles in our audio series.  Each episode is a new story with new characters, so lot’s of opportunities for all ages to come be a part of this.  You don’t have to be able to do impressions, but do need to be able to act, and speak clear English (any accent is fine).

If you can do impersonations, please submit a demo of each character you do.  



While we get started with these series we’re offering talent a percentage of the sales for as long as the series is marketed, so it will work like a share, the longer we go and further we reach the more that percentage becomes.  Once we’re established then the following episodes will be handled with a flat rate of $50 per page.  Everyone cast in a production will receive credit as well.

* * * To get more interactive with this there is a section for this in our forum. * * *


To audition, record the audition and email to intergalacticspacerangers@gmail.com  Please send in either an MP3 or Wave file.  


1 AUDITION (No brainer) Everyone is welcome to audition for as many parts as they like.  Even if you’ve been previously cast in another role you can still audition for additional parts.

2 DON’T BLOW IT – Be sure to keep your mouth at least  five inches from the microphone when recording so as not to accidentally blow on it during the recording.

3 QUALITY EQUIPMENT – Make sure you are recording with a quality device, no matter how good you are, if the quality of the recording isn’t that great, we will not be able to use it.

4 GET OUT OF THE CAN – if you’re recording in your closet, don’t sound like it.  Covering the walls in the area you are recording with cheap carpeting or foam will absorb the sound and keep your recording from sounding like you’re inside a tin can.

5 RE-RECORD – This is not live, you can record and re-record as many times as you like before submitting.  What ever we receive from you we will assume is your best, so if you have mistakes, that is what we will expect to get from you.

6 ACCENT – Don’t let your accent hold you back from auditioning, we are looking for diversity in our productions.

7 REVIEW – Listen back to your recordings through head phones, you will pick up stuff through headphones that you may not hear through your regular speakers.

8 YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE – Stay on top of what parts are available to audition for.  If you wait to long to submit your audition you could miss out on the part.

9 SPREAD THE WORD – Let other people know about the voice over auditions.  The faster we get these parts filled the faster they will be produced and out there.  We have three series that will involve new characters in every episode, so there will always be a constant stream of new parts to try for.  I’m saying that so you don’t get the idea that you don’t want other people auditioning for fear of missing out.  The faster production happens the faster more parts become available.  It is to your advantage for more people to audition.

10 HAVE FUN!  The more relaxed and loose you are, the more natural your recordings are going to be.  It’s always better to over act, than under.




IMPERSONATORS – If you can do any of the following accurately send a sample to intergalacticspacerangers@gmail.com




Vincent Price – MOVIE CLIPS

Peter Lorre – Start at 1:07 –MOVIE CLIP

Bela Lugosi  – MOVIE CLIP

Boris Karloff – Start at 2:35 – MOVIE CLIP

Humphry Bogart – Sam Spade type character – MOVIE CLIP

Marilyn Monroe

Jack Nicholson – MOVIE CLIPS

Jackie Gleason

Art Carney

Audrey Meadows

Joyce Randolph



If you can do any of these spot on, please send samples to review.


Here is a listing of talent to look through for possible auditions – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_old-time_American_radio_people

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