We’re looking for submissions for our audio drama series “Doorways and Dimensions”, “Intergalactic Space Rangers” and material for a comedy variety show called WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny).


“Doorways and Dimensions” – We’re looking for scripts that can be acted out in either a 22-24 minute time frame or 10-12 minute, so scripts should be 16 pages or less.  These stories should be along the lines of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, containing a twisted surprise ending.  These stories have a host that introduces the story at the beginning, but there is NO NARRATION in the stories themselves.  What we’re shooting for are science fiction stories preferably with some intensity to them.  Not every story has to be science fiction, but we’re more likely to use it if it is. (Ownership of submissions for D&D remains with the author with the understanding that if we produce the piece, we have the right to market the audio production for as long as we like.)

INTERGALACTIC SPACE RANGERS – This is a 50’s style science fiction action adventure.  We’re starting out with an audio series and then will be adding on a television series using cross over characters and plot lines.  If interested in being involved with this series you’ll need to send a short story no more than six pages in length.  Our series is going to have an overlying theme of the Rangers with sci fi stories told within that, so the short story you submit needs to just focus on itself and not on trying to include anything directly about the Rangers.  The story needs to be sci fi and can be an action, thriller, action/thriller.  You can have elements of humor in it, but light, our production is not going to be cheesy or cornball, we’re working to build a quality  piece of science fiction.  The story can involve anything from robots and aliens to monsters and exploding stars.  Send the short story to with the heading ISR SUBMISSION.

WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny) – We’re looking for comedic skits, parodies and spoofs that can be acted out in anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes.  These pieces can be fake commercials, news casts, spoofs of television programs, song parodies etc…  Basically an audio version of SNL/Onion News/Monty Python/Mad TV/In Living Color/.

You can check out an episode here – 

LIMITATIONS: The target audience for these programs are leaning towards the adult audience, but we would like to keep them family friendly, so with that in mind no off color material, swearing and topics like religion and sexual preference are off limits.

NOTE: If you are writing material specifically to submit for either of these projects, you may want to send in a log-line first to test the waters before putting the work in, to see if it’s something we would consider.

Send all your submissions to with the heading “Script Submission”


As with all of our projects you receive credit and a percentage of the profits of what ever project you’ve contributed to.  We will be switching to flat rate once we’re further along.

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