Ground floor global entertainment company seeks motivated individuals to help form our business department.

Over the last few years we have focused on searching the globe for independent talents to come together to collaborate in building a worldwide independent entertainment company producing film, television and audio series as well as children’s books and other forms of entertainment.

We currently have three audio series in production –

Doorways & Dimensions – a tales of the bizarre type audio series focused on recapturing the golden age of radio.  You can listen to an episode here  and see for yourself the quality of our productions.

With the release of this episode we were contacted by a number of industry people telling us how well they enjoyed the episode and to keep up the good work.  One of these respondents was a friend of Ray Bradbury famous science fiction author who had produced a number of his stories in audio form and commented how he believed Ray would have really enjoyed listening to the episode had he still been around.

WTF RADIO(Where’s The Funny) – a comedy audio series, basically SNL meets Monty Python. –

Intergalactic Space Rangers – audio series.  This is a retro sci-fi action program that will go along with our television program in development of the same name.

Future plans for these series are to include graphic novel style artwork to go along with the episodes.

Our big project that we have put the most time and effort into developing is the Intergalactic Space Rangers television program.  We believe it will be competitive with programs like SG1, Farscape and the like.  This program will be action packed with humor mixed in.

Things that will make this series stand out from the rest is that our series will be filmed in black and white and have the visual look of the film Metropolis.  We will be working to capture the best of classic science fiction from film, television, artwork and books of the period and bring it forward into our series through film techniques of the period like miniature sets, stop motion and practical effects.

CG will be very limited in the series.  You will not see and computer generated characters everything will be done with special effects makeup, puppeteering and animatronics.

We will be working with organizations that specialize in rescuing set pieces and props from past science fiction film and television series and incorporating those items into our episodes.  There are also plans for bringing in actors, writers and the like from past productions to help flavor our productions.

End goal for the television series is airing on Netflix.  We are working to get our ducks in a row to make sure our program qualifies with things like connections with other film makers who have had their productions air with them already as well as purchasing a seminar on all the things you need to have lined up before approaching Netflix.

The main reason for this as opposed to network television is to retain creative control of the content which does not happen with network television.

Literal thousands of hours have gone into the development of ISR with character building.  We have enough material built up that we could produce five seasons of the program.

We are not going to be creating the new standard of six episode seasons that is coming about; we will be producing 24 episodes per season.

We also have an RPG game we’re getting ready to release that goes along with the series.  Fans will be able to purchase the base RPG  and then with the conclusion of each season purchase an expansion pack that will contain all the of the new characters, locations and tech that was introduced that season so that it will be an ongoing adventure.

We also have a video game app in development that will be released with the series.

This summer we will be starting to film five minute serials to release to gain an interest with the public about the series.  Each episode will be a cliff hanger like the old serials that were played at the theater.

There is much more to what we have going on but that should give you a brief overview of what we have to offer.

Ninety nine percent of our focus to this point has been in the recruitment of talent, production and development.  Now we are ready to devote seventy percent focus on the business side of what we’re working to accomplish and that’s where people like you come in.

We want to build a business department that will work through the details of what is needed to move us forward with securing a budget, promotions and distribution.

If I’ve sparked your interest you may contact me directly at

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