lmsWhat is a Branch?

Like a tree, as an organization grows it spreads out through the use of “Branches”.

A Branch is a hub for people in that city to meet up and work together on our film project.
A strong Branch should be made up of the following.

1) Branch Manager
2) Assistant Branch Manager
5) Activities Coordinator


What is a branch for?

By setting up Branches in countries and cities around the world it helps eliminate and reduce traveling, helping to keep costs down plus allow for people to be involved with projects right in there own communities.

Our goal is to reach out to as many talents as we can and pool our resources together to create this series.


What does a Branch do ?

Each Branch PROMOTES our project to create awareness in their areas, to help GATHER together people from ALL ages (10 and under must be accompanied by an adult), genders, ethnicities and levels of health as we encourage the physically challenged to take an active role in what we’re doing.

Promotion takes place through social media like Facebook & Twitter, putting out fliers, Newspaper articles, community calendar.

Gathers sponsorships & donations for production purposes.

Works together on smaller to larger projects amongst their own group as well as collaborating with other Branches.


What is a cluster?

A cluster is a grouping together of Branches within like a 3 hour radius to work together as one unit. These Clusters will be assigned so as to give each grouping the most balance of talents and resources possible.


What determines your project?

What determines what part of production will happen in your area are based on four main things.

1. The size of your Branch

2. Resources available in your Branch like equipment, software etc…

3. Available film locations

4. Talent within your Branch


Projects can be local or…





Bottom line we’re trying to open the door for as many people as we can and need your help to do it, so if there is not a Branch open near you, then you may want to consider starting one or promoting this project in your area in hopes of finding someone in your area willing to.

One of the perks of being a Branch Manager is being guaranteed a speaking part in one of our productions.

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