INTERGALACTIC  SPACE RANGERS is a 50’s style live action science fiction series.  The program will be shown in black and white and feature film techniques and effects of the period like stop motion.

Our goal is to pay homage to the founders of today’s entertainment by working to capture the essence of what they were bringing to the screen and our imaginations.

Although ISR will have a look similar to a 50’s sci-fi Television program the goal is to capture what the sci-fi creators and story tellers of the period envisioned the future to be.  So with that in mind our inspirations for the television program come not just from old television programs, but also from films, books and artwork.

In addition we will be working to include actors, set pieces and props from the period as well where ever possible.   We would like to utilize rescued set pieces and props into our program so that today’s visionaries can share in what inspired us in our youth.

Going along with the Television series will be an ISR audio program and ISR online comic strip.  These will have cross over characters and plots.

Following along with each season of the ISR Television series will be our ISR Role Playing Game.  This game system will be released before the TV series goes on air and will have add on packs you can purchase at the end of each season with what ever characters, ships, weapons etc… were introduced that season.

DOORWAYS AND DIMENSIONS  audio series works to capture the essence of the golden age of radio with captivating stories of the bizarre and mysterious.

WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny) is comedy variety show filled with various skits, spoofs, song parodies and more.  This series follows in the footsteps of the classics like SNL, Monty Python and Onion News.

Our programming is being made available for free on our YouTube channel.  Monies will be earned by the number of hits to our YouTube channel, so the more programming available, the more hits.

Over the next two months all three audio series will be available.  With that we are planning to begin work on our Television series this fall with the addition of a crowdfunding campaign.

There is no set number of episodes that we are planning to release for the audio series, the plan is to just keep producing them.  We have writers from around the globe submitting stories and are taking the best of the what’s being submitted, so we’re not going to face the dilemma of having a set group of writers run out of ideas after a time, it will stay fresh. 

This, as is with all our projects is a global endeavor involving talents from countries around the globe being able to work together in a virtual environment via the Internet.

We will be working to create various Chapters of our organization around the world to take part in the filming and production of this series and others as well.

All of our audio programs will be made available to listen to for free. We will be bringing in income from YouTube by the number of views on our channel which will be significant as we continue adding high quality productions to it.

If you are interested in getting involved with our project you can check out our “Seeking Talent” tab on the home page menu.

If you really want to get a good look at the potential of our project be sure to take a look at our “Staff” page.

We are looking for “Talent Coordinators” to recruit and manage talent in their area to take part in our productions.

PRODUCTS: We are working to make merchandise based on our productions available to you. There will be T-Shirts, Posters, Audio CD’s, Jewelry and more.

SERVICES: We are making our services available to produce audio books, so if you have a piece you would like brought to life get in touch to see what we can do for you.

MISSION: Our mission is to gather up all of those out there who have the talent and motivation to succeed but have lacked opportunity or resources to move forward.
It was once said that the people in entertainment should never do it because they want to, they should only be in this if they have to. Who are those people that “have to”? The kind that are going to do this whether they get paid or not, who eat, sleep and dream about this, those who to not do this is like holding their breath. Those are the ones we are seeking to bring into the fold.

Yes we are going to make money, but this is not about making money, this is about creating quality entertainment for the sake of doing something really cool.

Walt Disney said it best when he said “We do not make films to make money, we make money to make films.”
This is the mind set of what we are all about. There is a lot of room on top of the mountain, room enough for all of us, so let’s break the tradition of stepping all over each other to get there and help each other up to make our dreams happen instead of getting there by pushing others down.
Apart we’re awesome, but together we’ll be unstoppable!

Right now while we get the ball rolling everyone is working for a percentage of the profits until we’re able to switch over to a flat rate.



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