3-2-1 LAUNCH!

Here we are folks, right on the edge getting ready to jump in. If any of you have been holding back waiting to see how this is going to pan out, now is the time to get on board as we launch this thing.

(ARTWORK) We’re putting together the artwork to go along with the WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny) page and are looking for talented cartoonists who might be interested in helping with the design.  We’re looking to put together a cover filled with a plethora of characters with everything from radio announcers to super heroes and talking animals, something remnant of a Mad or Cracked cover.

For those of you into voice over we could use some help finishing up some projects. We have a number of skits that only need a couple lines to complete. If we could get those filled in, then we can start the editing and scoring and start moving into other productions. Right now we have quite a few episodes of Doorways and Dimensions in the wings waiting to start the casting process until we get some these other projects wrapped up. We’ve more of those, material for our comedy variety show and we really want to get out the pilot episode of Intergalactic Space Rangers and get that thrill ride under way.

Right now we have enough material that there will be new auditions added like every other day and soon daily, so there’s no point to sending audition updates because it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you check back there is going to be more parts available.

In case you are not already aware, parts posted in red are ones that have already been cast, so you need only to audition for the ones that are still in black.

As each production is released they will be removed from the listing. I just like to leave them up there until that point so everyone can see who has been cast for what and see that progress is being made.

All productions will be linked to our site with a list of the cast and crew underneath. The videos being shown on YouTube will have the end credits with the same. This fall we will be setting up our IMDB page and everyone who has worked on a completed project will have their credits listed there.

Something I think is pretty cool and exciting is that we have been putting together an animation team that is starting to make animations to go along with our shorter comedy clips. These animations will be in all styles from stop motion to CG and even one that is cool combination of puppetry and CG. We’re going to be able to use these bits for promotion by shooting them around the social media sites with your help :)  If you do any kind of animation and would like to get involved let us know.

We are going to be expanding the website to include some new sections where we will be able to have separate websites for WTF RADIO and Doorways and Dimensions. Each section will have their associated productions available there. We’re also going to have a section for our audio department broken down into audio engineers & designers, scoring and casting.

So to sum up we’re going to be expanding our site quite a bit and departmentalizing it making it easier to traverse and interact with.

Right now we’ve got a good number of pieces going through our audio department and should be ready to release soon. Included in this are a number of promos that we’d like help getting out into the various social media venues.

We’re always on the lookout for more story submissions to our to our “Doorways and Dimensions” series, so if you like to write weird and bizarre stuff, this is the place to go. These pieces can take place anywhere in any time period in any setting, so they can lean fantasy, horror, thriller, Sci-Fi, adventure etc… Characteristics we are looking for when considering a piece are thrilling, adventurous, bizarre, some element of sci fi and lastly a bizarre unexpected twisted ending. Any story submitted that does not have that last part to it will not be considered. We are not expecting all those things to be included in each story, but that last one is a must, it’s what defines this series.

Also we are looking for people to contribute short comedic pieces 10 seconds to 10 minutes long for our comedy variety show “WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny). We were trying to set up some conference calls for that, but everyone’s schedules were too conflicting. If you have an idea for a comedy piece don’t wait until it’s all written out to submit, go ahead and get it in so we can make sure it’s a piece we’d consider running. This is all about being silly, goofy and making people laugh, so we’re not looking for pieces that slam anyone or are offensive, this is about having fun, so let’s keep it fun :) We’re hoping to release the pilot episode within another week.

A number of the shorts are going to be used for promotional material. We’re looking for people to help with getting these out onto the various social media sites. So if you are willing to help out let us know.

After the views on our YouTube channel go over 100,000 we are officially making money. Anyone involved with this project has influence on how much they are going to make and how long before they receive their first payment.

Five seconds a day shooting off a post on your twitter, face book or whatever service you frequent would make a huge difference in the number of views our channel gets. So whether you’re involved in the project or just having fun watching our progress, your help would be appreciated.

We are working on updating the website, expanding and adding new features. If you are computer savvy and would like to get involved with that let us know. We’re looking for designs for a new template for the site and animated buttons that go with the theme.



GOTHIC ISLAND – This is guaranteed to be a home run for us, very well written and involving classic characters. Only the best of the best will be used for this piece.

THE BEAST – Another piece I’m anxious to see come together. This is a dramatic piece that is very intense, gripping and entertaining. There are two male parts and one female left open. The actors for this need believability when it comes to the intense moments of the program.

(WTF RADIO (Where’s The Funny)

We’re on a search for Simpson characters. We’re looking for dead on, not somewhere’s near for these.

There are a bunch of both male and female characters to audition for on here. Most of them on here right now are pretty basic characters that most anyone could do, so please help us get those parts filled so we can bring in more audition material and get these other pieces out there for people to hear.

“Everybody was Kung Pow fighting” – This will no doubt be a classic comedy piece for us, it’s about a number of restaurant owners arguing and throwing insults at each other in a salon. It starts with two Asian women getting into it, but once the owner of the Italian restaurant from down the street comes in, the two gang up on him and things really get out of control. The two Asian women are the only two roles left to fill for this piece, so let’s get some auditions in so we can wrap this up.


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